This Certificate will provide students with concentrated training in Bioarchaeology, the subdiscipline of Archaeology that focuses on the study of biological materials from archaeological sites, with a particular emphasis on skeletal remains (both human and non-human).
Note: Courses for which students have selected the CR/NCR option, cannot be used towards the completion of this Certificate

Enrolment Requirements

Students must be enrolled in either the Specialist or Major program in Evolutionary Anthropology.

Certificate Requirements
Students must complete a total of 2.0 credits as follows*:

ANTB80H3 Introduction to Archaeology: Methods, Theories, and Practices
ANTC47H3 Human and Primate Comparative Osteology
ANTC48H3 Advanced Topics In Human Osteology
ANTD35H3 Bioarchaeology
*Students must earn an average GPA of 2.7 across the four courses to be awarded the Certificate.

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