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The Major (Co-op) Program in Public Policy is a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program that combines academic studies with paid work terms in the public, private, and/or non-profit sectors.

The program equips students with the analytical and methodological skills to secure employment as policy analysts in government, business, and the non-governmental sectors, or to continue on to graduate training in public policy. The Program is cross-disciplinary; public policy analysis is the exercise of applying the theoretical frameworks and the positivist and interpretive methodologies of the social sciences and humanities to understand the development, implementation, and evaluation of public policy. It requires the ability to think clearly and critically, to design and execute research projects, to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data, and to write clearly. It also requires an understanding of the context, institutions, and processes of policy-making and implementation, as well as concepts and criteria for policy evaluation.
In addition to their academic course requirements, students must successfully complete the additive Arts & Science Co-op Work Term Preparation courses and a minimum of two Co-op work terms. An optional third work term may be complete with the permission of the Co-op Coordinator.

Enrolment Requirements
The minimum qualifications for entry are 4.0 credits, plus a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

Current Co-op Students:
Students admitted to a Co-op Degree POSt in their first year of study must request a Co-op Subject POSt on ACORN upon completion of 4.0 credits and must meet the minimum qualifications for entry as noted above.

Prospective Co-op Students:
In addition to requesting the program on ACORN, prospective Co-op students (i.e., those not yet admitted to a Co-op Degree POSt) must also submit a Co-op Supplementary Application Form, which is available from the Arts & Science Co-op Office website. Submission deadlines follow the Limited Enrolment Program Application Deadlines set by the Office of the Registrar each year. Failure to submit both the Supplementary Application Form and the program request on ACORN will result in that student’s application not being considered.

Program Requirements
Students must complete the program requirements as described in the Major Program in Public Policy.

Co-op Work Term Requirements
Students must satisfactorily complete two Co-op work terms, each of four-months duration. To be eligible for their first work term, students must be enrolled in the Major (Co-op) Program in Public Policy and have completed at least 10.0 credits, including POLB50Y3 (Canadian Government and Politics), and 0.5 credit of Research Methods.
In addition to their academic program requirements, Co-op students complete up to four Co-op specific courses. These courses are designed to prepare students for their job search and work term experience, and to maximize the benefits of their Co-op work terms. They cover a variety of topics intended to assist students in developing the skills and tools required to secure work terms that are appropriate to their program of study, and to perform professionally in the workplace. These courses must be completed in sequence, and are taken in addition to a full course load. They are recorded on transcripts as credit/no credit (CR/NCR) and are considered to be additive credit to the 20.0 required degree credits. No additional course fee is assessed as registration is included in the Co-op Program fee.

Co-op Preparation Course Requirements:

1. COPB50H3/​(COPD01H3) – Foundations for Success in Arts & Science Co-op
- Students entering Co-op from outside of UTSC (high school or other postsecondary) will complete this course in Fall or Winter of their first year at UTSC. Enrolment in each section is based on admission category: Typically, students in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics enroll in the Fall semester while all other Arts & Science Co-op admission categories enroll in the Winter semester however this may vary year to year.
- Current UTSC students entering Co-op in April/May will complete this course in the Summer semester.
- Current UTSC students entering Co-op in July/August will complete this course in the Fall semester.

2. COPB51H3/​(COPD03H3) – Preparing to Compete for your Co-op Work Term
- This course will be completed eight months in advance of the first scheduled work term.

3. COPB52H3/​(COPD11H3) – Managing your Work Term Search & Transition to Work
- This course will be completed four months in advance of the first work scheduled work term.

4. COPC98H3/​(COPD12H3) –  Integrating Your Work Term Experience Part I
- This course will be completed four months in advance of the second scheduled work term.

5. COPC99H3/​(COPD13H3) – Integrating Your Work Term Experience Part II
- This course will be completed four months in advance of the third scheduled work term (for programs that require the completion of 3 work terms and/or four months in advance of any additional work terms that have been approved by the Arts and Science Co-op Office.

Students must be available for work terms in each of the Fall, Winter and Summer semesters and must complete at least one of their required work terms in either a Fall or Winter semester. This, in turn, requires that students take courses during at least one Summer semester.

For information on fees, status in Co-op programs, and certification of completion of Co-op programs, see Section 6B.5 or the Arts and Science Co-op section in the UTSC Calendar.