Program Requirements
This program requires the completion of 7.0 credits in Art History and Visual Culture (VPH) as follows:

1.  Courses at the A-level (0.5 credit):
VPHA46H3 Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Art Histories

2.  Courses at the B-level (1.0 credit):
VPHB39H3 Ten Key Words in Art History: Unpacking Methodology
ACMB01H3 Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing for ACM Programs

3.  Courses at the C-level (1.5 credits):
VPHC49H3 Advanced Studies in Art Theory
VPHC54H3 Art Writing
VPHC72H3 Art, the Museum, and the Gallery

4.  Courses at the D-level (0.5 credit):
VPHD48H3 Advanced Seminar in Art History and Visual Culture

5.  3.5 additional credits in VPH courses, including:
(i) At least 1.5 credits must be in courses at the C- or D-level;
(ii) Must include diversity in the time-period and cultural geography;
(iii) Must include at least 1.0 credit dealing with periods prior to 1800;
(iv) Must include at least 1.0 credit dealing with periods after 1800; and
(v) Must include 0.5 credit dealing with the arts of Asia, Africa, or the Diaspora

Courses dealing with periods prior to 1800: VPHB53H3, VPHB63H3, VPHB64H3, VPHB74H3, VPHC41H3, VPHC42H3, VPHC53H3, VPHC63H3, ( VPHD44H3)

Courses dealing with periods after 1800: VPHB58H3, VPHB59H3, VPHC45H3, VPHC68H3, VPHC73H3, ( VPHD43H3), as well as ( VPAC47H3) and ( VPAC48H3).

Courses on the art of Africa: VPHB50H3, ( VPHB65H3).

Courses on the art of Asia: VPHB73H3, VPHB77H3, VPHC74H3.

Courses in which content may vary, and which may deal with the art of any place or period: VPHB68H3, VPHB78H3, VPHB79H3, VPHC49H3, ( VPHC51H3), VPHC54H3, VPHC75H3 and VPHD48H3.

Students interested in curatorial studies courses should consider the Minor in Curatorial Studies (Arts).