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Program Requirements
Students must complete at least 7.0 credits in History.

1. 1.0 credit from the following:
HISA04H3 Themes in World History I
HISA05H3 Themes in World History II
HISA06H3/​GASA01H3 Introducing Global Asia and its Histories
HISA07H3/​CLAA04H3 The Ancient Mediterranean World
HISA08H3/​AFSA01H3 Africa in the World: An Introduction
HISA09H3 Capitalism: A Global History

2. 0.5 credit as follows:
HISB03H3 Critical Writing and Research for Historians

3. 3.0 credits at the C- or D-level

4. Additional 2.5 credits in History

5. Within the above 7.0 credits required, students must also complete:

1.5 credits must deal with a period prior to 1800


1.0 credit in Canadian History


At least 0.5 credit in two of the following areas of history
a. United States and Latin America
b. Medieval
c. European
d. Africa and Asia
e. Transnational
f. Ancient World