Program Requirements
This program requires 8.0 credits of which at least 2.0 credits must be at the C- or D-level.

1. Introduction to International Development Studies (0.5 credit)
IDSA01H3 Introduction to International Development Studies

2. Core courses in International Development (1.5 credits)
1.5 credits from the following:
IDSB01H3 Political Economy of International Development
IDSB02H3 Development and Environment
IDSB04H3 Introduction to International/Global Health
IDSB06H3 Equity, Ethics and Justice in International Development
IDSB07H3 Confronting Developmentā€™s Racist Past and Present
POLB90H3 Comparative Development in International Perspective
(Students wishing to take IDSB01H3 should be aware that there are A-level prerequisites for this course.)

3. Methods for International Development Studies (1.5 credits)
IDSC04H3 Project Management I
0.5 credit in quantitative/statistical methods from the following:
ANTC35H3 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
MGEB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning
GGRB30H3 Fundamentals of GIS I
HLTB15H3 Introduction to Health Research Methodology
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
0.5 credit in qualitative methods from the following:
ANTB19H3 Ethnography and the Comparative Study of Human Societies
HLTC04H3 Fieldwork Practices in Health and Society Research
GGRC31H3 Qualitative Geographical Methods: Place and Ethnography
POLC78H3 Political Analysis I
WSTB05H3 Understanding Power and Knowledge in Research

4. Specialized Courses (4.5 credits)
4.5 credits from the courses listed in Requirement 5 of the B.A. version of the Specialist Program in IDS with at least 1.0 credit from each of TWO of the clusters. POLB91H3 may be counted toward this requirement.