Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment in the Program is limited. Students may apply to the program after completing a minimum of 4.0 credits, including 1.0 credit in Psychology. Admission will require either: (1) a final grade of 67% or higher in both of PSYA01H3 and PSYA02H3, or (2) a final grade of 60% or higher in both of PSYA01H3 and PSYA02H3, and a final grade of 72% or higher in two B-level psychology courses.

Application for admission will be made to the Office of the Registrar through ACORN, in April/May and July/August.

Program Requirements

The program requires 7.0 credits, of which at least 2.0 credits must be at the C- or D-level:

1. Introduction to Psychology (1.0 credit):
PSYA01H3 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
PSYA02H3 Introduction to Clinical, Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology

2. Laboratory Methods (1.0 credit):
[ PSYB70H3 Methods in Psychological Science or ( PSYB01H3) Psychological Research Laboratory or ( PSYB04H3) Foundations in Psychological Research]|
PSYC37H3 Psychological Assessment

3. Statistical Methods (0.5 credit): 
PSYB07H3 Data Analysis in Psychology
STAB22H3 Statistics I
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

4. Personality and Clinical Psychology (1.0 credit):
PSYB30H3 Introduction to Personality
PSYB32H3 Introduction to Clinical Psychology

5. Psychosocial and Psychobiological Breadth (1.5 credits): 
Students are required to take 1.0 credit from one group and 0.5 credit from the other group:

Psycho-Social Grouping:
[PSYB38H3 or (PSYB45H3) Introduction to Behaviour Modification]
PSYC18H3 The Psychology of Emotion
PSYC35H3 Advanced Personality Psychology
PSYC36H3 Psychotherapy
PSYC39H3 Psychology and the Law

Psycho-Biological Grouping:
[PSYB55H3 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience or (PSYB65H3) Human Brain and Behaviour]
PSYB64H3 Introduction to Physiological Psychology
PSYC31H3 Clinical Neuropsychology
PSYC33H3 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
PSYC62H3 Drugs and the Brain

6. Seminar in Psychology at the D-level (0.5 credits)

7. Additional credits in Psychology (1.5 credits)
Supervised study [ PSYC90H3 or PSYC93H3] or thesis  [PSYD98Y3] courses may be used to fulfill a maximum of 0.5 credit.