Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment in the Program is limited. Admission will require:
(a.) completion of any Grade 12 U/M high school math course or equivalent (or successful completion of the UTSC Online Mathematics Preparedness Course or equivalent), and
(b.) completion of Grade 12 U/M high school biology or equivalent (or BIOA11H3 or equivalent), and
(c.) completion of a minimum of 4.0 credits, including 1.0 credit in Psychology, and
(d.) either (1) a final grade of 67% or higher in both of PSYA01H3 and PSYA02H3, or (2) a final grade of 60% or higher in both of PSYA01H3 and PSYA02H3, and a final grade of 72% or higher in two B-level psychology courses.

Application for admission will be made to the Office of the Registrar through ACORN, during the Limited Program application periods. For more information on applying to limited enrolment programs, please visit the Office of the Registrar website.

Program Requirements

The program requires 7.0 credits, of which at least 2.0 credits must be at the C- or D-level:

1. Introduction to Psychology (1.0 credit):
PSYA01H3 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
PSYA02H3 Introduction to Clinical, Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology

2. Laboratory Methods (1.0 credit):
[PSYB70H3 Methods in Psychological Science or (PSYB01H3) Psychological Research Laboratory or (PSYB04H3) Foundations in Psychological Research]
PSYC37H3 Psychological Assessment

3. Statistical Methods (0.5 credit):
PSYB07H3 Data Analysis in Psychology
STAB22H3 Statistics I
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

4. Personality and Clinical Psychology (1.0 credit):
PSYB30H3 Introduction to Personality
PSYB32H3 Introduction to Clinical Psychology

5. Psychosocial and Psychobiological Breadth (1.5 credits):
Students are required to take 1.0 credit from one group and 0.5 credit from the other group:

Psycho-Social Grouping:
[PSYB38H3 or (PSYB45H3) Introduction to Behaviour Modification]
PSYC15H3 Foundations in Community Psychology
PSYC18H3 The Psychology of Emotion
[PSYC30H3 or (PSYC35H3) Advanced Personality Psychology]
PSYC34H3 Happiness and Meaning
PSYC36H3 Psychotherapy
PSYC39H3 Psychology and the Law

Psycho-Biological Grouping:
[PSYB55H3 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience or (PSYB65H3) Human Brain and Behaviour]
PSYB64H3 Introduction to Behavioural Neuroscience
PSYC31H3 Clinical Neuropsychology
PSYC33H3 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
PSYC38H3 Adult Psychopathology
PSYC62H3 Drugs and the Brain

6. Seminar in Psychology at the D-level (0.5 credits)
All PSY D-level courses are considered "seminars", with the exception of PSYD98Y3.

7. Additional credits in Psychology (1.5 credits)
Supervised study [PSYC90H3 or PSYC93H3] or thesis [PSYD98Y3] courses may be used to fulfill a maximum of 0.5 credit.