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Program Requirements
Students are required to complete 8.0 credits as follows:

1. Courses at the A-level (1.5 credits)
MUZA80H3/​(VPMA95H3) Foundations in Musicianship
1.0 credit in Performance. Students must choose the graded option for this credit.

2. Courses at the B-level (1.5 credits)
MUZB01H3/​(VPMB01H3) Introduction to Community Music
MUZB20H3/​(VPMB82H3) Music in the Contemporary World
MUZB80H3/​(VPMB88H3) Developing Musicianship

3. 5.0 additional credits in Music and Culture (MUZ) courses, at least 2.0 of which must be at the C-level, and at least 0.5 of which must be at the D-level.

Students are encouraged to develop the depth of learning through study in one or two of the areas of focus described in the Music and Culture Areas of Focus Table.

Students can count a maximum of 2.0 credits of Performance courses toward component 3 of the program completion requirements. Students who count Performance courses towards component 3 must choose the graded option.