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Program Requirements
Students must complete 8.0 credits as follows:

1. ACMB01H3 Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing for ACM Programs

2. 2.0 credits as follows:
VPDA10H3 Introduction to Theatre
VPDA11H3 Introduction to Performance
VPDB01H3 Intermediate Workshop in Performance I
VPDB02H3 Intermediate Workshop in Performance II

3. 1.0 credit as follows:
VPDB04H3 Experiencing the Live Theatre
VPDB15H3 The Actor and the Script

4. 2.0 credits as follows:
VPDB10H3 Roots and Traditions
VPDB11H3 Intercultural and Global Theatre
VPDC13H3 Theatre and Social Justice
VPDB13H3 Theatre in Canada

5. VPDC20H3 Special Topics in Performance

6. VPDD50H3 Advanced Seminar in Theatre and Performance

7. 1.5 additional credits in VPD, 1.0 credit of which must be at the C- or D-level.
In fulfilling requirement #7, students may substitute 1.0 credit from another discipline with the Program Director's written permission. The following courses are particularly recommended:
VPSB77H3 Performance Art
VPMC85H3 Movies, Music and Meaning
( VPMC89H3) Music and Identity
VPMC97H3 Music, Technologies, Media
ENGB14H3 Twentieth-Century Drama
ENGB32H3 Shakespeare in Context I
ENGB33H3 Shakespeare in Context II
ENGB70H3 How to Read a Film
ENGC07H3 Canadian Drama
ENGC26H3 Drama: Tragedy
ENGC27H3 Drama: Comedy
GASB15H3 The Arts of South Asia
GASC42H3 Film and Popular Culture in South Asia
GASC45H3 Film and Popular Cultures in East Asia