Supervisor of Studies: K. Butler Email: ken.butler@utoronto.ca

The Minor in Applied Statistics may be combined with the Minor in Computer Science; however, it cannot be combined with any Specialist/Specialist Co-op, Major/Major Co-op or other Minor programs in Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics.

Program Requirements
This program requires a total of 4.0 credits as follows:

1. 0.5 credit from the following:
CSCA08H3 Introduction to Computer Science I
CSCA20H3 Introduction to Programming
CSC120H1 Computer Science for the Sciences
CSC121H1 Computer Science for Statistics

2. 0.5 credit from the following:
STAB22H3 Statistics I
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
MGEB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I
PSYB07H3 Data Analysis in Psychology
STA220H1 The Practice of Statistics I

3. 0.5 credit from the following:
STAB27H3 Statistics II
MGEB12H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics II
PSYC08H3 Advanced Data Analysis in Psychology
STA221H1 The Practice of Statistics II

4. 1.5 credits as follows:
STAC32H3 Applications of Statistical Methods
STAC53H3 Applied Data Collection
STAD29H3 Statistics for Life and Social Scientists

5. 1.0 credit from the following:
[one of the following: any ACT, CSC, MAT, STA course]
[one of the following: MGEA02H3, MGEA06H3, MGEB02H3, MGEB06H3, MGEC11H3, MGED11H3, MGED70H3]
GGRB02H3 The Logic of Geographical Thought
HLTB15H3 Introduction to Health Research Methodology
[one of the following: MGFB10H3, MGFC30H3, MGOC10H3, MGMC01H3, MGMD01H3]
POLC11H3 Applied Statistics for Politics and Public Policy