Program Requirements

This program requires students to complete a total of 4.0 credits:

1. 0.5 credit:
PHLB09H3 Biomedical Ethics

2. 1.0 credit in Biomedical Ethics (select from the following courses):
PHLC07H3 Death and Dying
PHLC10H3 Topics in Bioethics
PHLD09H3 Advanced Seminar in Bioethics

3. 0.5 credit in Value Theory (select from the following courses):
PHLA11H3 Introduction to Ethics
PHLB02H3 Environmental Ethics
PHLB05H3 Social Issues
PHLB06H3 Business Ethics
PHLB07H3 Ethics
PHLB11H3 Philosophy of Law
PHLB17H3 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHLC05H3 Ethical Theory
PHLC06H3 Topics in Ethical Theory
PHLC92H3 Political Philosophy
PHLC93H3 Topics in Political Philosophy
PHLD05H3 Advanced Seminar in Ethics
PHLD78H3 Advanced Seminar in Political Philosophy

4. 2.0 additional credits in Philosophy courses*:
*HLTA02H3 and MATC09H3 can be counted for the purpose of fulfilling this general philosophy credit requirement.

Note: The Minor program in Biomedical Ethics cannot be combined with the Minor program in Philosophy; however, students may combine the Minor program in Biomedical Ethics with either the Major or Specialist programs in Philosophy.