Supervisor of Studies: R. Pancer (416-287-7679) Email: pancer@utsc.utoronto.ca

Program Objectives

This program provides a basic introduction to the tools and methodologies of computer science and equips students with the knowledge necessary to use the tools and methodologies as they relate to other subjects. The program is intended to complement programs in other disciplines.

Enrolment Requirements

Enrolment in the Minor in Computer Science is limited.

Students may apply to enter the program after completing 4.0 credits, and must have passed the following CSC and MAT courses: CSCA08H3, CSCA48H3, and [one of: CSCA67H3, MATA67H3, MATA22H3, MATA23H3, MATA30H3, MATA31H3, or [(MATA32H3) or MATA34H3]]. Admission will be based on academic performance in these A-level courses. The admission requirements change each year depending on available spaces and the pool of eligible applicants, and students are cautioned that there is no guarantee of admission; as such, students are strongly advised to plan to enroll in backup programs.

For more information about the admission requirements, please visit the following CMS webpage.

Students in the Minor may take a maximum of 3 CSC elective courses (1.5 credits) at the C-level and D-level.

Program Requirements
This program may not be combined with any Major or Specialist Program in Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics. It requires 4.0 credits as follows:

1. Introductory programming courses, 1.0 credit as follows:
CSCA08H3 Introduction to Computer Science I*
CSCA48H3 Introduction to Computer Science II
*Note: CSCA20H3 may be substituted for CSCA08H3 with permission of the Supervisor of Studies.

2. Basic mathematics courses, 0.5 credit from the following:
CSCA67H3/‚ÄčMATA67H3 Discrete Mathematics
MATA22H3 Linear Algebra I for Mathematical Sciences
MATA23H3 Linear Algebra I
MATA30H3 Calculus I for Physical Sciences
MATA31H3 Calculus I for Mathematical Sciences
MATA34H3 Calculus for Management

3. Intermediate programming, systems, and theory courses, 1.5 credits from the following:
CSCB07H3 Software Design
CSCB09H3 Software Tools and Systems Programming
CSCB20H3 Introduction to Databases and Web Applications
CSCB36H3 Introduction to the Theory of Computation**
CSCB58H3 Computer Organization
CSCB63H3 Design and Analysis of Data Structures***
**Note: CSCB36H3 requires CSCA67H3
***Note: CSCB63H3 requires CSCB36H3

4. CSC electives, 1.0 credit as follows:
Any C- or D-level CSC courses*
*Note: Some C- or D-level courses have prerequisites that would have to be taken in addition to the 4 credits required for this program. Check the prerequisites carefully before selecting courses to satisfy this requirement.