This program is designed for students, fluent in both English and Chinese, who are interested in English and Chinese translation. It will equip students with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in this profession.

Program Requirements
Students are required to complete a total of 4.0 credits.

1. 2.0 credits as follows:
LINA01H3 Introduction to Linguistics
[LINB06H3 Syntax or LINB18H3 English Grammar]
LINB60H3 Comparative Study of English and Chinese
[ECTB58H3 Foundations of Translation or ECTB61H3 English and Chinese Translation: Theory and Practice]

2. 1.0 credit from the following:
ECTB60H3 Agri-Food, Cultures, and Translation
ECTC61H3 Translation Studies in Literature
ECTC62H3 Translation in Media
ECTD68H3 Translation for Business
ECTD69H3 Translation for Government and Public Administration

3. 1.0 credit from the following:
LGGC64H3 Reading Chinese and English: China from the Inside Out
LGGC65H3 Reading Chinese and English: Global Perspectives
LGGC66H3 Classical Chinese and English Translations 
LGGD66H3/​(LGGC67H3) Literary Chinese and English Translations