For curriculum inquiries, contact the department's Program Coordinator: dls-ua@utsc.utoronto.ca

Program Requirements

Students must complete 4.0 credits in total, of which 1.0 must be at the C-level or higher.

1. 2.0 credits from the following:
FREA01H3 Language Practice I
FREA02H3 Language Practice II
FREB01H3 Language Practice III
FREB02H3 Language Practice IV
FREC01H3 Language Practice V
FREC02H3 Language Practice VI
FRED01H3 Language Practice VII: Written French
FRED06H3 Language Practice VIII: Oral French

2. Additional 2.0 credits in French

1. At the A-level, only FREA01H3 and FREA02H3 may be counted towards the program completion requirements.
2. Where student's proficiency in French is advanced enough to skip some or all of the courses in requirement 1, substitutions can be made in consultation with the Associate Director of French.