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Program Requirements
4.0 credits in English are required, of which 1.0 must be at the C- or D- level.

1. 1.0 credit as follows:
ENGB70H3 How to Read a Film
[ENGB75H3 Cinema and Modernity I or ENGB76H3 Cinema and Modernity II]

2. 0.5 credit as follows:
[ENGA10H3 Literature and Film for our Time: Visions and Revisions or ENGA11H3 Literature and Film for our Time: Dawn of the Digital]

3. 1.0 credit from the following:
ENGB29H3 Shakespeare and Film
ENGB71H3 Writing About Movies
ENGB74H3 The Body in Literature in Film
ENGB77H3 Cinema and Colonialism
ENGC41H3 Video Games: Exploring the Virtual Narrative
ENGC44H3 Self and Other in Literature and Film
ENGC56H3 Literature and Media: From Page to Screen
ENGC75H3 Freaks and Geeks: Children in Contemporary Film
ENGC78H3 Dystopian Visions in Fiction and Film
ENGC79H3 Above & Beyond: Superheroes in Fiction and Film
ENGC82H3 Topics in Cinema Studies
ENGC83H3 World Cinema
ENGC84H3 Cinema and Migration
ENGC92H3 Film Theory
ENGC93H3 Gender and Sexuality at the Movies
ENGD52H3 Cinema: The Auteur Theory
ENGD62H3 Topics in Postcolonial Literature and Film
ENGD91H3 Avant-Garde Cinema
ENGD93H3 Theoretical Approaches to Cinema
ENGD94H3 Stranger than Fiction: The Documentary Film
ENGD96H3 Iranian Cinema

4. 1.5 additional credits in English

Note: Film courses selected from other departments and discipline will be approved for the Minor in Literature and Film Studies on a case-by-case basis.