Program Requirements
The Program requires the completion of 4.0 credits, including at least 2.0 credits at the C- or D-level.

1. Introduction to Political Science (0.5 credits from):
POLA01H3 Critical Issues in Politics I
POLA02H3 Critical Issues in Politics II

2. Core Courses (1.5 credits from):
POLB56H3 Critical Issues in Canadian Politics
POLB57H3 The Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights
POLB72H3 Introduction to Political Theory
POLB80H3 Introduction to International Relations I
POLB81H3 Introduction to International Relations II
POLB90H3 Comparative Development in International Perspective
POLB91H3 Comparative Development in Political Perspective

3. Applications (2.0 credits):
2.0 credits at the C-level and/or D-level in POL or PPG courses