Admission to the Minor Program in Sociology is unlimited. However, students are warned that they are not guaranteed admission to B-level and C-level courses during fall and winter session, and thus will be accommodated only after other Program students have been admitted to these courses. Thus some courses may be unavailable, or available only in the summer.

Program Requirements
The Program requires completion of 4.0 credits in Sociology as follows:

1. 1.0 credit as follows:
[(SOCA01H3) Introduction to Sociology I and (SOCA02H3) Introduction to Sociology II]
SOCA03Y3 Introduction to Sociology

2. SOCB05H3 Logic of Social Inquiry

3. 1.0 credit from the following:
SOCB30H3 Political Sociology
SOCB42H3 Theory I: Discovering the Social
SOCB43H3 Theory II: Big Ideas in Sociology
SOCB47H3 Social Inequality

4. 0.5 additional credit at the B-level in Sociology

5. 1.0 additional credit at the C-level in Sociology