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Theatre And Performance Studies

Program Advisor: M. Hussain, Email:

The Theatre and Performance Studies (TAPS) program provides students with opportunities to investigate all aspects of theatre and performance, from theatre's origins in antiquity to contemporary performance practices. TAPS draws together three groups: students who major or minor in theatre and performance studies, those who specialize in other aspects of arts, media and culture, and students from other programs and majors who have a casual interest in theatre and performance. To address the needs of our diverse student body we offer courses in the history of theatre and performance as well as contemporary theory-based and practical courses. Our students gain an intellectual and critical grounding in theatre and performance while also acquiring experience in the elements of theatre production as actors, directors, and technicians. Class work leads to performance and production opportunities in the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre.

Our program also benefits from ongoing connections to Toronto's vibrant arts scene. Field trips, guest lectures, workshops, and unique collaborations with working artists provide students with new knowledge, skills and exposure to working professionals in the field.

Note:  In order to be admitted into the performance side of the program, students must successfully complete VPDA10H3 Introduction to Theatre.

Not all courses are offered every year. In planning their Programs, students are encouraged to consult the TAPS Program Director.

Some courses in Theatre and Performance Studies (VPD) may include Ancillary fees.

Guidelines for first year course selection
Students who intend to complete a Theatre and Performance Studies Program should include ACMB01H3, VPDA10H3 and VPDA11H3 in their first year course selection.

The Theatre and Performance Studies Program Study Guide can be found on the Department of Humanities website.

Service Learning and Outreach
For an experiential learning opportunity that also serves others, consider the course CTLB03H3 (Introduction to Service Learning), which can be found in the "Teaching and Learning” section of the Calendar.