Supervisors of Studies: Julian Lowman (416 208-4880) Email: lowman@utsc.utoronto.ca 

Program Requirements
Total Requirements: 15.5 credits

First Year (4.0 credits):
PHYA10H3 Physics I for the Physical Sciences
PHYA21H3 Physics II for the Physical Sciences
MATA30H3 Calculus I for Physical Sciences
MATA36H3 Calculus II for Physical Sciences
CHMA10H3 Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding
CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms
EESA06H3 Introduction to Planet Earth
MATA23H3 Linear Algebra I

Second Year (4.5 credits):
PHYB10H3 Intermediate Physics Laboratory I
PHYB21H3 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYB52H3 Thermal Physics
PHYB54H3 Mechanics: From Oscillations to Chaos
MATB41H3 Techniques of Calculus of Several Variables I
MATB42H3 Techniques of Calculus of Several Variables II
MATB44H3 Differential Equations I
1.0 credit from the following:
EESB02H3 Principles of Geomorphology
EESB03H3 Principles of Climatology
EESB04H3 Principles of Hydrology
EESB05H3 Principles of Soil Science
EESB15H3 Earth History

Third Year (4.0 credits):
PHYB56H3 Introduction to Quantum Physics
PHYC11H3 Intermediate Physics Laboratory II
PSCB57H3 Introduction to Scientific Computing
MATC46H3 Differential Equations II
STAB22H3 Statistics I
0.5 credit from the following:
PHYC50H3 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYC54H3 Classical Mechanics
1.0 credit from the following:
CHMB55H3 Environmental Chemistry
EESC07H3 Groundwater
EESC18H3 Limnology
EESC19H3 Oceanography
EESC20H3 Geochemistry
EESC31H3 Glacial Geology

Fourth Year (3.0 credits):
PHYD37H3 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
PHYD38H3 Nonlinear Systems and Chaos
2.0 credits from the following:
ASTC25H3 Astrophysics of Planetary Systems
EESC03H3 Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
EESD02H3 Contaminant Hydrogeology
EESD06H3 Climate Change Impact Assessment
EESD09H3 Research Project in Environmental Science*
EESD13H3 Environmental Law, Policy and Ethics
EESD33H3 Field Techniques
PHYC50H3 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYC54H3 Classical Mechanics
PHYD01H3 Research Project in Physics and Astrophysics*
PHYD26H3 Planetary Geophysics
PHYD72H3 Supervised Reading in Physics and Astrophysics*

*no more than two of EESD10Y3, PHYD01H3, and PHYD72H3 may be counted as fulfilling the program requirements.

Note: Where any course appears on more than one option list, it may only be counted as fulfilling the requirements for one of those lists of options.