The Specialist in Human Geography expands upon, and enhances, the course requirements and learning outcomes of the Major in Human Geography. It is a more in-depth program that allows a deeper exploration of Human Geography, thus creating an opportunity for advanced students to engage in a richer, more intensive program, and allowing them to gain a sufficient depth of knowledge, and the enhanced methods and skills training they will need, for graduate studies or to compete in employment markets. The Specialist program will pair nicely with the Minor in GIS, or the Minor in City Studies.

Program Requirements
Students must complete 12.0 credits as follows:

1. Foundations of Human Geography (1.0 credit from among the following):
GGRA02H3 The Geography of Global Processes
GGRA03H3 Cities and Environments
GGRA35H3 The Great Scarborough Mashup: People, Place, Community, Experience

2. Theory and Concepts in Human Geography (2.5 credits):
GGRB02H3 The Logic of Geographical Thought
GGRB03H3 Writing Geography
1.5 credits from the following:
GGRB05H3 Urban Geography
GGRB13H3 Social Geography
GGRB18H3/‚ÄčEESB02H3 Whose Land Is It Anyway?, Indigenous Peoples, the Crown, and Land in Canada
GGRB21H3 Political Ecology: Nature, Society and Environmental Change
GGRB28H3 Geographies of Disease
GGRB55H3 Cultural Geography

3. Methods (2.0 credits):
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences (or equivalent)
1.0 credit from the following:
GGRB30H3 Fundamentals of GIS I
GGRB32H3 Fundamentals of GIS II
GGRC31H3 Qualitative Geographical Methods: Place and Ethnography

4. Applications (5.5 credits):
5.5 additional credits at the C- and/or D-level in GGR courses

5. Advanced Applications (1.0 credit):
1.0 credit at the D-level in GGR courses