Program Requirements
This program requires the completion of 13.0 credits, of which at least 4.0 credits must be at the C- or D-level including at least 1.0 credit at the D-level.

1. Introduction to International Development Studies (2.0 credits as follows)
IDSA01H3 Introduction to International Development Studies
[MGEA01H3 Introduction to Microeconomics or MGEA02H3 Introduction to Microeconomics: A Mathematical Approach]
[MGEA05H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics or MGEA06H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach]
EESA01H3 Introduction to Environmental Science

2. Core courses in International Development (at least 3.0 credits from among the following)
IDSB01H3 Political Economy of International Development
IDSB02H3 Development and Environment
IDSB04H3 Introduction to International/Global Health
IDSB06H3 Equity, Ethics and Justice in International Development
IDSB07H3 Confronting Development’s Racist Past and Present
POLB90H3 Comparative Development in International Perspective
POLB91H3 Comparative Development in Political Perspective
Note: We highly recommend that students select IDSB07H3 as part of their core B-level courses. Students in the IDS co-op program must complete IDSB07H3 prior to enrolling in IDSC01H3.

3. Methods for International Development Studies (1.5 credits as follows)
IDSC04H3 Project Management I
0.5 credit in Quantitative/statistical methods from the following:
ANTC35H3 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
MGEB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning
GGRB30H3 Fundamentals of GIS I
HLTB15H3 Introduction to Health Research Methodology
STAB23H3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
0.5 credit in Qualitative methods from the following:
ANTB19H3 Ethnography and the Comparative Study of Human Societies
GGRC31H3 Qualitative Geographical Methods: Place and Ethnography
HLTC04H3 Fieldwork Practices in Health and Society Research
POLC78H3 Political Analysis I
WSTB05H3 Understanding Power and Knowledge in Research

4. Research in International Development Requirement (0.5 credit):
IDSD02H3 Advanced Research Seminar in Critical Development Studies

5. Specialized Courses: Approaches to International Development (6.0 credits)
A minimum of 2.0 credits must be chosen from two different clusters below for a total of 4.0 credits. The other 2.0 credits may be selected from any of the courses listed below, and IDSA02H3/​AFSA03H3, IDSC07H3, IDSC10H3, IDSC15H3, IDSC20H3, IDSC21H3 IDSD10H3, IDSD12H3 and IDSD13H3, IDSD14H3 and IDSD15H3 may also be counted towards the completion of this requirement.

Media and Development
ANTB09H3 Culture from Film and Media
ANTC53H3 Anthropology of Media and Publics
ENGB77H3 Cinema and Colonialism
ENGC84H3 Cinema and Migration
GASC40H3/​MDSC40H3 Chinese Media and Politics
GASC41H3/​MDSC41H3 Media and Popular Culture in East Asia
IDSB10H3 Political Economy of Knowledge Technology and Development
IDSC08H3 Media and Development
IDSD08H3 Community-Centered Media Tactics for Development Advocacy and Social Change
MDSA01H3 Introduction to Media Studies
MDSB05H3/​GASB05H3 Media and Globalization
MDSB10H3 Technology, Culture and Society
MDSB15H3 Social Media, Platform Politics and Digital Cultures
MDSB61H3 Mapping New Media
MGEC20H3 Economics of Media
MDSC62H3 Media, Journalism and Digital Labour
SOCC44H3 Media and Society
THRB21H3 Intercultural and Global Theatre
THRC20H3/​(VPDC13H3) Theatre and Social Justice
THRC40H3 Performance and Activism
VPHB50H3 Africa Through the Photographic Lens
WSTB13H3 Gender, Media and Culture

Culture and Society
ANTB05H3/​AFSB05H3 Culture and Society in Africa
ANTB18H3 Development, Inequality and Social Change in Latin America
ANTB20H3 Ethnography and the Global Contemporary
ANTB64H3 Are You What You Eat?: The Anthropology of Food
ANTC10H3 Anthropological Perspectives on Development
ANTC34H3 The Anthropology of Transnationalism
ANTC52H3 The Global Politics of Language
ANTC59H3 Anthropology of Language and Media
ANTC66H3 Anthropology of Tourism
GASC43H3 Colonialism and Cultures in Modern East Asia
GGRD14H3 Social Justice and the City
HISB50H3 Africa in the Era of the Slave Trade
HISB51H3/​AFSB51H3 Africa from the Colonial Conquests to Independence
HISB54H3 Africa in the Postcolonial Era
HISB57H3/​GASB57H3 Sub-Continental Histories: South Asia in the World
HISC29H3 Global Commodities: Nature, Culture, History
HISC55H3/​AFSC55H3 War and Society in Modern Africa
HISD51H3/​AFSD51H3 Southern Africa: Colonial Rule, Apartheid and Liberation
IDSD06H3 Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives in Development Studies
MUZC01H3/​(VPMC01H3) Exploring Community Music
MUZD01H3/​(VPMD01H3) Senior Seminar: Music in Our Communities
PHLB05H3 Social Issues
SOCB58H3 Sociology of Culture
SOCB70H3 Social Change
SOCC25H3 Ethnicity, Race and Migration
SOCC29H3 Family and Gender in the Middle East
SOCC34H3 Migrations & Transnationalisms
SOCC58H3 Global Transformations: Politics, Economy & Society

Economics of Development

ANTC19H3 Producing People and Things: Economics and Social Life
MGEB32H3 Economic Aspects of Public Policy
(MGEB60H3) Comparative Economic Systems
(MGEC21H3) Classics in the History of Economic Thought
MGEC61H3 International Economics: Finance
MGEC62H3 International Economics: Trade Theory
MGEC81H3 Economic Development
MGEC82H3 International Aspects of Development Policy
MGED63H3 Financial Crises: Causes, Consequences and Policy Implications
IDSC12H3 Economics of Small Enterprise and Micro-Credit
IDSC14H3 The Political Economy of Food
IDSC19H3/​AFSC19H3 Community-driven Development: Cooperatives, Social Enterprises and the Black Social Economy
IDSD16H3/​AFSD16H3 Africana Political Economy in Comparative Perspective
GGRC48H3 Geographies of Urban Poverty
POLC69H3 Political Economy: International and Comparative Perspectives
POLC98H3 International Political Economy of Finance

Environment and Land Use
ANTB01H3 Political Ecology
EESB16H3 Feeding Humans - the Cost to the Planet
EESB17H3 Hydro Politics and Transboundary Water Resources Management
ESTC34H3 Sustainability in Practice
ESTC36H3 Knowledge, Ethics and Environmental Decision-Making
GGRB21H3 Political Ecology: Nature, Society and Environmental Change
GGRC10H3 Urbanization and Development
GGRC25H3 Land Reform and Development
GGRC26H3 Geographies of Environmental Governance
GGRC28H3 Indigenous Peoples, Environment and Justice
GGRC44H3 Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development
GGRD49H3 Land and Land Conflicts in the Americas
IDSC02H3 Environmental Science and Evidence-Based Policy
IDSD07H3/​AFSD07H3 Extractive Industries in Africa
PHLB02H3 Environmental Ethics
WSTB20H3/​(WSTC20H3) Women, the Environment, and Change

Gender, Health and Development

ANTC14H3 Feminism and Anthropology
ANTC15H3 Genders and Sexualities
ANTC24H3 Culture, Mental Illness, and Psychiatry
ANTC61H3 Medical Anthropology: Illness and Healing in Cultural Perspective
GGRB28H3 Geographies of Disease
GGRD10H3 Health and Sexuality
HLTC02H3 Women and Health: Past and Present
IDSC11H3 Issues in Global and International Health
POLC79H3 Feminist Political Thought
POLC94H3 Globalization, Gender and Development
WSTB10H3 Women, Power and Protest
WSTB11H3 Intersections of Inequality
WSTC10H3/​AFSC53H3 Gender and Critical Development

Politics and Policy
ANTC32H3 Political Anthropology
IDSC11H3 Issues in Global and International Health
IDSC16H3 Populism, Development, and Globalization in the Global South
IDSC17H3 Development, Citizen Action and Social Change in the Global South
IDSC18H3 New Paradigms in Development: The Role of Emerging Powers
IDSD19H3 The Role of Researcher-Practitioner Engagement in Development
POLB80H3 Introduction to International Relations I
POLB81H3 Introduction to International Relations II
POLC09H3 International Security: Conflict, Crisis and War
POLC16H3 Chinese Politics
POLC37H3 Global Justice
POLC80H3 International Relations of Africa
POLC87H3 International Cooperation and Institutions
POLC88H3 The New International Agenda
POLC90H3 Development Studies: Political and Historical Perspectives
POLC91H3 Latin America: Dictatorship and Democracy
POLC96H3 State Formation and Authoritarianism in the Middle East
POLC97H3 Protest Politics in the Middle East
POLC99H3 Latin America: Politics of the Dispossessed
POLD09H3 Advanced Topics in International Security
POLD87H3 Rational Choice and International Cooperation
POLD89H3 Global Environmental Politics
POLD90H3/​IDSD90H3 Public Policy and Human Development in the Global South
POLD91H3 Protests and Social Movements in Comparative Perspective
POLD92H3 Survival and Demise of Dictatorships
POLD94H3 Selected Topics on Developing Areas