Program Requirements:

This program requires 13.5 credits of which at least 4.0 credits must be at the C-or D- level including at least 1.0 credit at the D-level.

1. Introduction to Sciences and International Development Studies (4.5 credits):
IDSA01H3 Introduction to International Development Studies
BIOA01H3 Life on Earth: Unifying Principles
BIOA02H3 Life on Earth: Form, Function and Interactions
CHMA10H3 Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding
CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms
EESA01H3 Introduction to Environmental Science
EESA06H3 Introduction to Planet Earth
[MGEA01H3 Introduction to Microeconomics or MGEA02H3 Introduction to Microeconomics: A Mathematical Approach]
[MGEA05H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics or MGEA06H3 Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach]

2. Core courses in International Development (at least 2.0 credits from among the following):
IDSB01H3 Political Economy of International Development
IDSB02H3 Development and Environment
IDSB04H3 Introduction to International/Global Health
IDSB06H3 Equity, Ethics and Justice in International Development
IDSB07H3 Confronting Development’s Racist Past and Present
Note: We highly recommend students enroll in IDSB07H3 as part of their core B-level courses. Students in the IDS co-op program must complete IDSB07H3 prior to enrolling in IDSC01H3.

3. Core Courses in Environmental Biology (2.5 credits):
BIOB50H3 Ecology
BIOB51H3 Evolutionary Biology
EESB03H3 Principles of Climatology
EESB05H3 Principles of Soil Science
EESB16H3 Feeding Humans - The Cost to the Planet

4. Methods for International Development Studies (1.5 credits):
IDSC04H3 Project Management I
STAB22H3 Statistics I (or equivalent)

0.5 credit from the following:
GGRA30H3 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning
EESC03H3 Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

5. Advanced courses in Environmental Biology (2.0 credits, of which 0.5 credit must be at the D-level):
Choose from:
BIOC37H3 Plants: Life on the Edge
BIOC58H3 Biological Consequences of Global Change
BIOC61H3 Community Ecology and Environmental Biology
BIOC62H3 Role of Zoos and Aquariums in Conservation
BIOC63H3 Conservation Biology
EESC04H3 Biodiversity and Biogeography
BIOD54H3 Applied Conservation Biology
EESD06H3 Climate Change Impact Assessment

6. Environmental Science in Practice (0.5 credit):
Choose from:
EESC13H3 Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing
(GGRC22H3) Political Ecology Theory and Applications
GGRC26H3 Geographies of Environmental Governance
GGRC44H3 Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development
IDSC02H3 Environmental Science and Evidence-Based Policy

7. Research in International Development Requirement (0.5 credit):
IDSD02H3 Advanced Research Seminar in Critical Development Studies