New Media Studies

Faculty List
  • R. Bai, B.A., M.A. (Beijing Foreign Studies), Ph.D. (Illinois), Assistant Professor
  • T.L. Cowan, B.A. (Simon Fraser), M.A., Ph.D. (Alberta), Associate Professor
  • R. Grohmann, B.A. (Juiz de Fora, Brazil), M.A., Ph.D (São Paulo, Brazil), Assistant Professor
  • D. Nieborg, B.A. (Utrecht), M.A. (Utrecht), Ph.D. (Amsterdam), Associate Professor
  • M. Petit, M.A., Ph.D. (Colorado), Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Emeritus
  • T. Phu, B.A., M.A. (McMaster), Ph.D. (California, Berkeley), Professor

ACM Program Manager: Email:

The University of Toronto Scarborough offers a Major (Joint) Program in New Media Studies, which is a competitive-entry professionalization program designed to help students prepare for careers in web communication and new media industries. It combines the academic study of media at UTSC with the technical education and industry experience provided through practice-based courses on multimedia design for Web and mobile applications at Centennial College. In addition to earning an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto, students can earn a certificate in New Media Design from Centennial College by completing one additional summer session, which includes a new media internship and a professional practice course. New Media courses at Centennial College are held at the Story Arts Centre (SAC) campus located at 951 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON.


  1. Students intending to pursue a Major (Joint) Program in New Media Studies are required to demonstrate advanced knowledge in new media design.
  2. Students who are not accepted after their first year of studies may apply again at the end of their second year of studies.
  3. Majority of admissions are done in early May, and space permitting, additional students are admitted into late summer.
  4. Effective the 2015-16 academic year, students will spend two consecutive sessions (Fall and Winter) at Centennial College (The Story Arts Centre in East York) in year 2 of their undergraduate career at UTSC. Note that although 50% is a passing grade at UTSC, a final grade of 60% or above is required in all Centennial College courses in order to continue with the curriculum. Students with a final grade between 50% to 60% will need to repeat the course as an extra (EXT) credit.
  5. Note that there is a small additional fee charged for the term(s) when you will be at Centennial College. Contact the department for more information.

A supplementary application will be uploaded on the departmental website closer to the limited program enrollment period.

Guidelines for course selection

Students admitted to the program must follow the course selection guidelines described below:

First Year (at UTSC):  *Please contact ACM Program Manager if you are pairing Major Program in Studio Art with Major (Joint) Program in New Media Studies

  • Fall:  MDSA01H3
  • Winter:  MDSA02H3
    Please note that you need 4.0 credits in order to request a limited program.

Second Year (at Centennial College):
1. Students must be enrolled full-time in year 2 of the program.
2. Due to the course and project workload, students are not permitted to take additional courses at UTSC.

Third Year (at UTSC):
Note: Students complete Media Studies electives in year 3 and 4

  • Fall:  NMEC01H3
    (Fulfill the prerequisites for the MDS C-level courses that students will take in the Winter session)
  • Winter:  1.0 credit at the C-level in Media Studies courses

Fourth Year (at UTSC):
Note: Students complete Media Studies electives in year 3 and 4.

Guidelines for computer and software selection

Students accepted in the Joint Program in New Media Studies are expected to purchase an industry-standard laptop and obtain designated software and hardware. Please see the New Media Studies (Joint) Program - Program Requirements for more details.

Experiential Learning and Outreach

For a community-based experiential learning opportunity in your academic field of interest, consider the course CTLB03H3, which can be found in the Teaching and Learning section of the Calendar.