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Centre For Teaching And Learning

Faculty List

  • N. Johnston, B.A. (Trent), M.A., Ph.D. (York), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • S. Kang, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Chonnam National University, S. Korea), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • E. Khoo, B.Sc. (U. of Malaysia), M.A. (U. of Reading), Ph.D. (U. of South Queensland), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • S. King, B.A. (Glendon), M.A., Ph.D. (U. of Western Ontario), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • K. McCrindle, M.A., Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • H.L. Meacock, B.A. (Trent), M.A. (York), Lecturer
  • K. Persaud, B.Sc. (Toronto), B.Ed. (U. of Western Ontario), Ph.D. (McMaster), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • Z. Shahbazi, B.Sc. (Sharif University of Technology), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • S. Stevenson, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Maryland), Lecturer


Director: K. McCrindle  Email:

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) offers courses that focus on skill and personal development. CTLA01H3 and CTLA02H3 are designed for English Language Learners to help them bring their academic English skills to a level that matches their other strong academic skills. CTLA10H3 explicitly links healthy lifestyles with successful learning. CTLB03H3, our experiential learning course is open to students in all disciplines who want hands-on opportunities to use and enhance their academic knowledge.

Courses are just one of the ways that CTL promotes learning at UTSC. CTL works with faculty in the design and implementation of their courses. We also provide a range of student programs designed to help students improve their academic skills and build a social network with like-minded students across the disciplines.

CTL's student programs support a range of student academic needs. Facilitated Study Groups are organized for many challenging courses. The Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre is open to all students who wish to improve their quantitative reasoning skills. In addition, it offers workshops and drop-in help for students in specific Mathematics and Statistics courses. The Writing Centre helps students hone their writing and oral communication skills, both in the context of course assignments and in preparation for a lifetime of effective communication offering one-to-one and group instruction. The Service Learning and Outreach program connects students with on- and off-campus experiential placement opportunities. The English Language Development Centre continues to support English Language learners with a wide array of English Language Development programming that includes individual appointments with writing experts, confidential consultations, interactive and Cafe-style game-based learning sessions, and an evolving suite of group sessions and online resources.

Collectively, CTL's student centres provide a way for students who are serious about their skills development to interact with experts and each other in a stimulating, supportive and fun environment!

Learn more at:
English Language Development Centre website.
Facilitated Study Groups website.
Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre website.
Service Learning and Outreach website.
The Writing Centre website.

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