Policies and Practices

In This Section:

  • Grades and Academic Records
    Information about grades and academic records, including Credit/No Credit, GPA, Academic Status, Transcripts, Academic Awards and Scholarships, and more.
  • Program Regulations
    Regulations concerning Subject POSts and Certification of Completion of Programs.
  • Course Regulations
    Policies and procedures related to academic courses.
  • Academic Integrity
    Policies and procedures related to academic offences and academic misconduct.
  • Final Exams and Assessments
    Information about final exams and assessments, including scheduling, conflicts, requesting copies of final exams, and more.
  • Petitions and Appeals
    Information on requesting special consideration for academic work or academic regulations, including term work, deferred final exams, and more.
  • University Policies and Code of Student Conduct
    Information on general policies that are approved by the Governing Council, which apply to all students.