1. Welcome to UTSC

1.1 Greetings from the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean

Welcome to the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). In joining UTSC you’ll take your place among Canada’s future leaders. As part of the University of Toronto, which is widely recognized as Canada’s top university, and also one of the best public research universities in the world, UTSC offers a unique opportunity for students seeking an exceptional learning experience in a supportive community environment.

UTSC undergraduate programs are unique at the wider University for their combination of rigorous academic learning and hands-on experience. Through meaningful volunteer opportunities, stimulating field courses and eye-opening international exchanges, you receive first-hand understanding of what you’re learning in the classroom, and how it applies to the world. For even more experience in your chosen field, you can apply to one of our many innovative Co-op programs, which provide invaluable knowledge from experts working in your program of study while you create your professional network.

Leading researchers at the cutting edge of their fields bring fresh thinking and current knowledge from industry and academia into the classroom. Ambitious students can contribute to research teams in search of the next big breakthrough or experience meaningful and relevant work placements with some of Canada’s top employers.

We invite you to look through this undergraduate academic Calendar with a view towards both choosing programs that will allow you to progress through your degree, as well as the courses that will allow you to progress through your program(s), and gaining a sense of the extraordinary breadth of learning opportunities on offer at UTSC. Remember that we have dedicated staff on hand to help you make the best academic choices – they can be found in the academic units, the Office of the Registrar, and the Academic Advising & Career Centre.

Best wishes for a successful academic career,

Professor William Gough

Vice-Principal Academic and Dean


1.2 Strategic Directions

The University of Toronto is committed to being an internationally significant research university, with undergraduate, graduate and professional programs of excellent quality. In addition to celebrating and reaffirming the University’s continued commitment to research, the President has laid out three broad strategies for the University: community building; international outreach; and re-examining and re-inventing undergraduate education. For more information, visit the Office of the President website.

UTSC contributes to achieving the broader University mission. Our vision articulates our broad and aspirational image of the future, and our campus mission statement defines our core purpose and function. Our piece of the University mission is to be a world-leading centre of research and intellectual growth anchored in the eastern Greater Toronto Area.

UTSC is focused on five strategic directions:

  1. New and emerging areas of scholarship, which focuses on building and deepening our existing strengths.
  2. Innovative research, which focuses on our growing research platform, and sharing our achievements and breakthroughs in meaningful and relevant ways with our colleagues across departments and campuses, with members of our community, and with people around the world.
  3. Global perspective, which leverages the uniqueness of our local community, and also welcomes scholars and researchers from around the world – spreading an ethos that is founded in the Canadian experience.
  4. Experiential learning, which recognizes the power and richness of the campus experience, and encourages fresh thinking in what people learn, and also where and how that learning can be enhanced.
  5. Strong foundations, which focuses on supporting all the other strategic directions by creating and enhancing the culture, buildings, infrastructure and tools our students and faculty need.