3. UTSC Academics At-A-Glance

3.1 Senior Academic Administration

Office of the Dean and Vice-Principal, Academic:
Professor William Gough: Vice-Principal Academic and Dean
Professor Maydianne Andrade: Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs and Equity
Professor Douglas Bors: Dean's Designate for Administration of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters
Professor Clare Hasenkampf: Associate Dean Teaching and Learning
Professor Wanda Restivo: Dean's Designate for Administration of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters
Professor Mark Schmuckler: Vice-Dean Undergraduate
Professor Mary Silcox: Vice-Dean Graduate
Curtis Cole: Registrar and Assistant Dean Enrolment Management
Lesley Lewis: Assistant Dean Academic

Professor Bruce Kidd: Vice-President and Principal
Professor Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz: Vice-Principal Research
Desmond Pouyat: Dean of Student Affairs


3.2 Academic Units and Programs


  1. Listed programs are currently being offered.
  2. Where [+Co-op] appears, a Co-operative analog program is also offered.
  3. UTSC also offers undergraduate/graduate Combined Degree Programs. For more information see the Combined Degree Programs section of this Calendar.

New Programs/Offerings in 2017-18:

  • Stream in Journalism Studies in the Major in Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures* (Arts) – see Department of Arts, Culture and Media
    *formerly known as the Major in Media Studies
  • Minor in Health Humanties (Arts) - see Department of Anthropology
  • Minor in Natural Sciences and Environmental Management (Science) - see Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

Department of Anthropology:
Chair: Professor M. Lambek

Programs Calendar Section
  • Evolutionary Anthropology, Specialist, BSc
  • Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Specialist BA
  • Evolutionary Anthropology, Major, BSc
  • Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Major, BA
  • Anthropology, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefix: ANT


Department of Arts, Culture and Media:
Chair: Professor W. Bowen

Calendar Section
  • Art History and Visual Culture, Major, BA
  • Art History and Visual Culture, Minor (Arts)
Art History and Visual Culture
*Course code prefix: VPH
  • Arts Management, Specialist, BA
    • Standard Stream
    • Field Placement Stream
Arts Management
*Course code prefix: VPA
  •  Curatorial Studies, Minor (Arts)
Curatorial Studies
*Course code prefix: CRT
  • Journalism (Joint program with Centennial College), Specialist, BA
*Course code prefix: JOU
  • Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures, Major, BA
    • Media Studies Stream
    • Journalism Studies Stream
  • Media Studies, Minor (Arts)
Media Studies
*Course code prefix: MDS
  • Music and Culture, Major, BA
  • Music and Culture, Minor (Arts)
Music and Culture
*Course code prefix: VPM
  • New Media Studies (Joint program with Centennial College), Major, BA
New Media Studies
*Course code prefix: NME
  • Studio, Specialist, BA
  • Studio, Major, BA
  • Studio, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefix: VPS
  • Theatre and Performance Studies, Major, BA
  • Theatre and Performance Studies, Minor (Arts)
Theatre and Performance Studies
*Course code prefix: VPD

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media also offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Arts, Culture and Media - Course code prefix: ACM


Department of Biological Sciences:
Chair: Professor A. Mason

Programs Calendar Section
  • Conservation and Biodiversity, Specialist, BSc
  • Human Biology, Specialist, BSc
  • Integrative Biology, Specialist, BSc
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Biology, Major, BSc
  • Conservation and Biodiversity, Major, BSc
  • Human Biology, Major, BSc
  • Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease, Major, BSc
  • Plant Biology, Major, BSc
  • Biology, Minor (Science)
Biological Sciences
*Course code prefix: BIO
  • Paramedicine (Joint program with Centennial College), Specialist, BSc
*Course code prefix: PMD

The Department of Biological Sciences also offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Applied Microbiology - Course code prefix: IMC


Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences:
Chair: Professor V. Hadzilacos (until June 30, 2018)

Programs Calendar Section
  • Computer Science, Specialist, BSc 
    • Comprehensive Stream [+Co-op]
    • Software Engineering Stream [+Co-op]
    • Information Systems Stream [+Co-op]
    • Health Informatics Stream [+Co-op]
    • Entrepreneurship Stream [+Co-op]
  • Computer Science, Major, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Computer Science, Minor (Science)
Computer Science
*Course code prefix: CSC
  • Mathematics, Specialist, BSc 
    • Comprehensive Stream [+Co-op]
    • Statistics Stream [+Co-op]
    • Teaching Stream [+Co-op]
  • Mathematics, Major, BSc [+Co-op]
*Course code prefix: MAT
  • Statistics, Specialist, BSc
    • Quantitative Finance Stream [+Co-op]
    • Statistical Machine Learning and Data Mining Stream [+Co-op]
  • Statistics, Major, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Applied Statistics, Minor (Science)
  • Statistics, Minor (Science)
*Course code prefixes: ACT and STA


Centre for Critical Development Studies:
Director: Professor P. Kingston

Programs Calendar Section
  • International Development Studies, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • International Development Studies, Specialist, BA [+Co-op]
  • International Development Studies, Major, BA
  • International Development Studies, Minor (Arts)
International Development Studies
*Course code prefix: IDS


Department of English:
Chair: Professor K. Larson

Programs Calendar Section
  • English, Specialist, BA [+Co-op]
  • English, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • English Literature, Minor (Arts)
  • Creative Writing, Minor (Arts)
  • Literature and Film Studies, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefix: ENG


Centre for French and Linguistics:
Director: Professor K. McCrindle

Programs Calendar Section
  • French, Specialist, BA [+Co-op]
  • French, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • French, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefix: FRE
  • English to Chinese Translation, Minor (Arts)
Languages (including English to Chinese Translation, French, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, and Tamil)
*Course code prefixes: ECT and LGG
  • Linguistics, Specialist, BA [+Co-op]
  • Psycholinguistics, Specialist, BA [+Co-op]
  • Linguistics, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • Linguistics, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefixes: LIN and PLI


Department of Historical and Cultural Studies:
Chair: Professor L. Chen

Programs Calendar Section
  • African Studies, Minor (Arts)
African Studies
*Course code prefix: AFS
  • Classical Studies, Minor (Arts)
Classical Studies
Course code prefix: CLA
  • Food Studies, Minor (Arts)
Food Studies
*Course code prefix: FST
  • Global Asia Studies, Specialist, BA
  • Global Asia Studies, Major, BA
  • Global Asia Studies, Minor (Arts)
Global Asia Studies
*Course code prefix: GAS
  • History, Specialist, BA [+Co-op]
  • History, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • History, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefix: HIS
  • Women's and Gender Studies, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • Women's and Gender Studies, Minor (Arts)
Women's and Gender Studies
*Course code prefix: WST

The Department of Historical and Cultural Studies also offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Historical and Cultural Studies - Course code prefix: HCS
*Religion - Course code prefix: RLG


Department of Human Geography:
Acting Chair: Professor T. Kepe (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018)
Chair: Professor A. Sorensen

Programs Calendar Section
  • City Studies, Specialist, BA
  • City Studies, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • City Studies, Minor (Arts)
City Studies
*Course code prefix: CIT
  • Human Geography, Specialist, BA
  • Human Geography, Major, BA
  • Physical and Human Geography, Major, BA
  • Geographic Information Science (GIS), Minor (Arts)
  • Human Geography, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefix: GGR
  • Urban Public Policy and Governance, Minor (Arts)
Public Policy

The Department of Human Geography also offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Diaspora and Transnational Studies - Course code prefix: DTS


Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society:
Interim Director: Professor H. Wardlow

Programs Calendar Section
  • Health Studies, Population Health, Major, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Health Studies, Health Policy, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • Health Humanities, Minor (Arts)
Health Studies
*Course code prefix: HLT


Department of Management:
Chair: Professor D. Zweig

Programs Calendar Section
  • Economics for Management Studies, Major, BA
  • Economics for Management Studies, Minor (Arts)
Economics for Management Studies
*Course code prefix: MGE
  • Economics for Management Studies, Specialist, BBA [+Co-op]
  • Management, Specialist, BBA [+Co-op]
  • Management and Accounting, Specialist, BBA [+Co-op]
  • Management and Finance, Specialist, BBA [+Co-op]
  • Management and Human Resources, Specialist, BBA [+Co-op]
  • Management and Information Technology, Specialist, BBA [+Co-op]
  • Management and International Business, Specialist Co-operative, BBA
  • Management and Marketing, Specialist, BBA [+Co-op]
  • Strategic Management, Specialist, BBA 
    • Management Strategy Stream [+Co-op]
    • Entrepreneurship Stream [+Co-op]
*Course code prefixes: MGA, MGF, MGH, MGI, MGM, MGO, MGS, and MGT


Department of Philosophy:
Chair: TBA

Programs Calendar Section
  • Philosophy, Specialist, BA [+Co-op]
  • Philosophy, Major, BA [+Co-op]
  • Philosophy, Minor (Arts)
*Course code prefix: PHL


Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences:
Chair: Professor G. Arhonditsis

Programs Calendar Section
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics, Minor (Science)
*Course code prefix: AST
  • Biological Chemistry, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Chemistry, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Biochemistry, Major, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Chemistry, Major, BSc [+Co-op]
*Course code prefix: CHM
  • Environmental Biology, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Environmental Chemistry, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Environmental Geoscience, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Environmental Science, Major, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Environmental Science, Minor (Science)
  • Natural Sciences and Environmental Management, Minor (Science)
Environmental Science
*Course code prefix: EES
  • Environmental Studies, Major, BA

**Shared with Dept. of Political Science

Environmental Studies
*Course code prefix: EST
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Specialist, BSc
  • Physical Sciences, Major, BSc
Physical Sciences
*Course code prefix: PSC
  • Environmental Physics, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Physics and Astrophysics, Specialist, BSc
  • Physics and Astrophysics, Major, BSc
Physics and Astrophysics
Course code prefix: PHY

The Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences also offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Environmental Science and Technology - Course code prefix: STE


Department of Political Science:
Acting Chair: Professor M. Kohn (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018)
Chair: Professor G. Skogstad

Programs Calendar Section
  • Political Science, Specialist, BA
  • Political Science, Major, BA
  • Political Science, Minor (Arts)
  • Public Law, Minor (Arts)
Political Science
*Course code prefix: POL
  • Public Policy, Major, BA [+Co-op]
Public Policy
*Course code prefix: PPG

The Department of Political Science also offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*International Studies - Course code prefix: IST


Department of Psychology:
Chair: Professor G. Cree

Programs Calendar Section
  • Neuroscience, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Neuroscience, Major, BSc

**Shared with Dept. of Biological Sciences

*Course code prefix: NRO
  • Mental Health Studies, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Psychology, Specialist, BSc [+Co-op]
  • Mental Health Studies, Major, BSc
  • Psychology, Major, BSc
  • Psychology, Minor (Science)

The Department of Psychology also offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Cognitive Science - Course code prefix: COG


Department of Sociology:
Chair: Professor P. Landolt

Programs Calendar Section
  • Sociology, Specialist, BA
  • Sociology, Major, BA
  • Sociology, Minor (Arts)
  • Culture, Creativity, and Cities, Minor (Arts)
  • Critical Migration Studies*, Minor (Arts)
    *formerly known as the Minor in Migration and Ethnic Diversity
*Course code prefix: SOC

The Department of Sociology administers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Concurrent Teacher Education - Course code prefix: CTE


Centre for Teaching and Learning:
Director: Professor C. Hasenkampf

The Centre for Teaching and Learning offers courses in the following discipline areas:
*Teaching and Learning - Course code prefix: CTL


3.3 Programs With Suspended Enrolments

Enrolment into the following programs has been suspended indefinitely. Students already enrolled in these programs must refer to the Calendar active at the time they first chose the program as a Subject POSt.

Suspended effective the 2010-11 academic year:

  • Major in International Development Studies (BSc)
  • Major in International Studies (BA)

Suspended effective the 2013-14 academic year:

  • Specialist (Co-operative) in Arts Management (BA)
  • Specialist (Joint) in Applied Microbiology (BSc)
  • Specialist (Joint) in Environmental Science and Technology (BSc)
  • Minor in Health Studies (BA)
  • Minor in Religion (BA)

Suspended effective the 2014-15 academic year:

  • Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP)
  • Major in Diaspora and Transnational Studies (BA)
  • Minor in Diaspora and Transnational Studies (BA)


3.4 Academic Awards and Scholarships

UTSC seeks to recognize the excellent academic achievement of students registered in undergraduate degree programs. There are two broad categories of awards:

1. Admission Awards:
Are available to new students entering UTSC directly from secondary school. There are two types of awards: automatic consideration; or, application or nomination based. UTSC allocates Admission Awards to students entering first year directly from secondary school. A limited number of awards are available to international students. In considering students for scholarships, the University reserves the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a single attempt at each course.

2. In-course Awards:
Are available to students continuing their studies at UTSC. There are two types of awards: automatic consideration; or, application or nomination based. In-course Awards are given to students who have completed their First, Second or Third year of study towards an Honours Bachelor's degree. For award purposes, a year of study is defined as the completion of 5.0 credits. In order to give more students an opportunity to be recognized for excellent academic achievement UTSC Awards policy permits a student to hold only one major award.

A general condition for holding an Admission or In-course award is that the student must register at UTSC in the following academic year with degree status. Students who have been awarded a scholarship, which is based on enrolment in a particular program of study, must continue in that program to receive the award. UTSC reserves the right to not award a scholarship, if, in a particular year, the academic achievement of the candidate is not of high standard. To be considered for any award, a student must be enrolled in or graduating from an Honours Bachelor program.

University of Toronto Scarborough Dean's List:
The Dean's List is published annually in the Fall. All students who have achieved a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.5 or better in their most recent year of study will be considered as long as they have completed a minimum of 1.5 credits during the previous Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions.

Graduation Awards:
Graduation awards are given at the time of graduation. They include medals and prizes awarded for outstanding achievement during the final year of undergraduate study.

Students who graduate at the Fall Convocation are considered for graduation awards in the following year together with students who are graduating at the Spring Convocation.

Recognition of Exceptional Academic Achievement:
Graduating students who have completed at least 10.0 credits while registered at UTSC will be considered for the following recognition:

1. High Distinction:
Students who graduate with a CGPA of 3.50 or better are recognized as graduates ""With High Distinction."" This achievement is noted on the diploma and transcript.

2. Distinction:
Students who graduate with a CGPA between 3.20 and 3.49 are recognized as graduates ""With Distinction."" This achievement is noted on the diploma and transcript.

Other students with a CGPA of 3.20 or better will be considered on an individual basis.

For complete information on awards and scholarships, please visit the Awards and Scholarships webpage on the Registrar's Office website.