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Enrolment Requirements
Enrolment in the program is limited and admission is by competitive application. Please refer to the UTSC Registrar’s Office for enrolment timelines. Students must have completed MDSA01H3 and MDSA02H3, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to apply. Students must request admission to the program through ACORN, and submit a Supplementary Application Form to the Department that includes an unofficial copy of their academic record, a personal statement of interest, and links (if any) to work published online. Students are strongly advised to meet with the Program Manager during their first year, and before preparing an application for admission. Students may be required to attend an interview with the Program Manager before an admission decision is made. All applicants will be notified through ACORN in early June.

Program Requirements
Students must complete 8.0 full credits of which at least 2.0 must be at the C- or D-level, including:

1. 1.0 credit:
MDSA01H3 Introduction to Media Studies
MDSA02H3 History of Media

2. 0.5 credit:
NMEC01H3 Theory and Practice of New Media

3. 1.0 additional credit at the C-level in MDS courses:

4. 4.5 credits from Centennial College:
New Media Group 1:
NMEA01H3 Digital Fundamentals
NMEA02H3 Introduction to New Media Communications
NMEA03H3 The Language of Design
NMEA04H3 Interface Design, Navigation and Interaction I

New Media Group 2:
[Students will be eligible to enrol in these courses after successfully completing all courses in New Media Group 1]
NMEB05H3 Interface Design, Navigation and Interaction II
NMEB06H3 Project Development and Presentation
NMEB08H3 Application Software for Interactive Media
NMEB09H3 Sound Design
NMEB10H3 Design for New Media

5. 1.0 credit:
NMED10Y3 New Media Senior Project

Note: NMEC01H3 and NMED10Y3 are taught at UTSC. All other NME courses are taught at Centennial College Story Arts Centre.