Academic Director: Jack Parkinson Email: ecoss@utsc.utoronto.ca

This program is designed to give exposure to the subject matter in some areas of Economics to students who combine the Minor with other programs in order to graduate (see the Degrees section of this Calendar for information). Students need not have completed Grade 12 Calculus in order to enter this program.

Enrolment in this Program is unlimited and does not require training in Calculus. However, students are cautioned that they are not guaranteed admission to most of the B-level, C-level, and D-level courses. Students in the Minor will be accommodated only after students in the Specialist and Major programs have been admitted to these courses; therefore, many courses may be unavailable. Students will note that some of the B- and C-level courses in Economics for Management Studies do require Calculus; therefore, students in the Minor Program must choose their courses carefully to ensure that they have the necessary prerequisites.

Program Requirements
The program consists of 4.0 credits in Economics for Management Studies as follows:

MGEA01H3 or MGEA02H3
MGEA05H3 or MGEA06H3
MGEB01H3 or MGEB02H3
MGEB05H3 or MGEB06H3
2.0 credits in Economics for Management Studies including 1.0 credit at the C-level.

Note: Students are warned that they are not guaranteed admission to most of the B-level and C-level courses. The following C-level courses, MGEC91H3, MGEC92H3 & MGEC93H3, are available to students in the minor program at the beginning of the registration period.

Note: Students may if they wish, count STAB22H3, ANTC35H3, PSYB07H3 or (SOCB06H3) or a more advanced statistics course as one half credit B-level Economics course in the Minor Program in Economics for Management Studies. While it is not required, students are strongly encouraged to include a statistics course in the program.