Public Policy

Faculty List
  • A. Allahwala, B.A., M.A. (Freie Universität Berlin), Ph.D. (York), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • N. Bernhardt, B. A. (Queens), Ph.D (York) 
  • C. Cochrane, B.A. (St. Thomas), M.A. (McGill), Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor
  • M. Hoffmann, B.S. (Michigan Technological), Ph.D. (George Washington), Professor
  • R. Levine, B.A. (Rochester), Ph.D. (Duke), Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • S. Renckens, B.A., M.A., M.Sc. (Leuven), Ph.D. (Yale), Associate Professor
  • R. Schertzer, B.A. (Carleton), M.Sc., Ph.D. (London School of Economics), Associate Professor
  • G. Skogstad, B.A., M.A. (Alberta), Ph.D. (British Columbia), Professor Emerita
  • T. Soremi, B.A. (Obafemi Awolowo), M.A. (Sussex), Ph.D. (Exeter), Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
  • P. Triadafilopoulos, B.A. (Toronto), M.A., (Brock), Ph.D. (New School NY), Associate Professor

Chair: Christopher Cochrane 
Program Advisor Email:

For more information, visit the Department of Political Science website.

The Department of Political Science hosts the Specialist, Major, and Minor programs in Political Science, the Major and Major (Co-Op) Programs in Public Policy, and the Major and Minor programs in Public Law.

For more information about the programs in Political Science and Public Law, please refer to the Political Science and Public Law section of the Calendar.

Guidelines for First-Year Course Selection

Students who intend to complete the Public Policy programs should include the following in their first-year course selection: 1.0 credit at the A- or B-level in Anthropology, City Studies, Geography, International Development Studies, Political Science or Sociology; at least 0.5 credit at the A-level in Political Science is recommended.

Experiential Learning and Outreach

For a community-based experiential learning opportunity in your academic field of interest, consider the course CTLB03H3, which can be found in the Teaching and Learning section of the Calendar.