SOCB60H3 Issues in Critical Migration Studies

This course examines the political, economic, and cultural causes and consequences of migration as well as how global processes, like capitalism and neocolonialism, shape migration and refugee flows. Students will also learn about how and why laws and government policies facilitate the inclusion of some migrants and the exclusion of others.


Completion of 1.0 credit from the following courses [[(SOCA01H3) and (SOCA02H3)] or SOCA03Y3], ANTA02H3, GGRA02H3, GASA01H3/HISA06H3, GASA02H3, HISA04H3, HISA05H3

Breadth Requirements: 
Social & Behavioural Sciences

Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Minor program in Critical Migration Studies. Additional students will be admitted as space permits.