For curriculum inquiries, contact the department's Program Coordinator: dls-ua@utsc.utoronto.ca

Program Requirements
Students must complete 12.5 credits, including 4.0 credits at the C- and D-levels of which 1.0 credit must be at the D-level as follows:

1. 5.0 credits as follows:
LINA01H3 Introduction to Linguistics
LINA02H3 Applications of Linguistics
PSYA01H3 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
PSYA02H3 Introduction to Clinical, Developmental, Personality and Social Psychology
LINB04H3 Phonology I
LINB06H3 Syntax I
LINB09H3 Phonetics: The Study of Speech Sounds
LINB29H3 Quantitative Methods in Linguistics
PLIC24H3 First Language Acquisition
PLIC55H3 Psycholinguistics

2. 1.5 credits from the following:
LINB10H3 Morphology
LINB20H3 Sociolinguistics
LINC02H3 Phonology II
LINC11H3 Syntax II
LINC12H3 Semantics: The Study of Meaning

3. 2.5 credits from the following:
LINB62H3 Structure of American Sign Language
LIND09H3 Phonetic Analysis
PLIC25H3 Second Language Acquisition
PLID34H3 Psycholinguistics of Reading
PLID44H3 Acquisition of the Mental Lexicon
PLID50H3 Speech Perception
PLID74H3 Language and Aging

4. 1.5 credits from the following:
BIOA11H3 Introduction to the Biology of Humans
BIOB35H3 Essentials of Human Physiology
LINB19H3 Computers in Linguistics
PLIC54H3 Speech Physiology and Speech Disorders in Children and Adults
PLIC75H3 Language and the Brain
PLID56H3 Special Topics in Language Disorders in Children
PSYB20H3 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
[PSYB51H3 Introduction to Perception or PSYB57H3 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology]
(PSYB65H3) Human Brain and Behaviour
PSYC21H3 Adulthood and Aging

5. 2.0 further credits in LIN and/or PLI

Note: students interested in pursuing Speech Language Pathology as an option for graduate studies should complete BIOA11H3 and BIOB35H3 (of component 4 of the program requirements) in order to satisfy a portion of the physiology requirement necessary for admissions.