The Combined Degree Programs for UTSC Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) with the Master of Social Work (MSW) offered by the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work allow exceptional students who are registered in the UTSC Specialist or Specialist Co-op programs in Mental Health Studies to apply during Year 3 of their studies, and be considered, for admission to the FIFSW Master's program in Social Work. These CDPs offer a rich intellectual pathway for exceptional undergraduate students by providing access to social work research before the completion of the undergraduate degree, and give students an opportunity to become equipped for evidence-informed social work practice, through a research course in Year 4 with a FIFSW co-supervisor.

Contact Information:
Department of Psychology

Combined Degree Programs options are:

  • Mental Health Studies (Specialist), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Social Work
  • Mental Health Studies (Specialist Co-op), Honours Bachelor of Science/ Master of Social Work

Application Process:

  • Applicants must apply to the HBSc program, the MSW program, and the CDP.
  • Qualified students in Year 3 of their HBSc program can apply to the MSW program; those accepted will receive a conditional offer to start the MSW program upon completion of their HBSc program and degree requirements.

Minimum Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the HBSc program, the School of Graduate Studies, and the MSW program.
  • Applicants to the HBSc program must:
    • be enrolled full-time and in good standing;
    • have a B+ average (CGPA of 3.3) or higher in Year 2;
    • carry a full course load of 5.0 credits each year (i.e., complete 5.0 credits over the three academic sessions - Fall, Winter, Summer).
  • Applicants to the MSW program must:
    • maintain a B+ average (CGPA of 3.3) or higher in Year 3 and Year 4 of their HBSc program;
    • complete the requirements of their HBSc program;
    • be conferred with the HBSc degree.

Program Requirements and Path to Completion:

  • Year 1 to 4: HBSc degree requirements:
    • students must complete all HBSc program requirements and degree requirements;
    • students are expected to carry a full course load of 5.0 credits over the three academic sessions (Fall, Winter, Summer) of each year;
    • in Year 3, qualified students may apply to the MSW program and the CDP and may be offered conditional admission;
    • in Year 4, students who receive a conditional offer of admission to the CDP must complete 1.5 credits as follows:
      • PSYD98Y3 Thesis in Psychology, under the supervision of a UTSC Psychology faculty member in consultation with a FIFSW faculty member (1.0 credit);
      • PSYD37H3 The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness, which will be taught by a FIFSW faculty member (0.5 credit).
    • by the end of Year 4, fulfill the HBSc program requirements and HBSc degree requirements.
  • Year 5 to 6: MSW program and degree requirements:
    • MSW Year 1:
      • conditions of admission are removed;
      • students must complete 4.0 credits (see the School of Graduate Studies Calendar:
      • students must complete the Year 1 practicum (SWK 4701H)
      • by the end of Year 1 of the MSW program, students must select one of the following fields of specialization: Children and Their Families, Gerontology, Health and Mental Health; Social Justice and Diversity, Social Service Administration
    • MSW Year 2:
    • MSW students in the Health and Mental Health field who completed the Specialist (Co-operative) program in Mental Health Studies (BSc) are exempt from SWK4604 (Social Work Practice in Mental Health Services) and will replace it with a graduate elective.