HLTD06H3 Special Topics in Migration and Public Health

The focus of this seminar is on public health as an institution and on the contemporary and historical practices related to migrants in Canada and globally. Practices include surveillance, screening, detention, and quarantine, among other forms of governance and regulation. Societal issues, social theory, and historic case studies drawn from literature, film and empirical research explore enduring questions and tensions related to the treatment of migrants by public health systems.


[HLTB16H3 and [HLTB41H3 or (HLTC05H3)] and [an additional 1.5 credits at the C-level in HLT courses]]; or [SOCB60H3 and an additional 15.0 credits]

Recommended Preparation: 

Courses in the social sciences (ANT, HLT, IDS, CIT, GGR, POL, SOC)

Enrolment Limits: 
Breadth Requirements: 
History, Philosophy & Cultural Studies