MGAC50H3 Canadian Income Taxation I

First of two courses in Canadian income taxation. It provides the student with detailed instruction in income taxation as it applies to individuals and small unincorporated businesses. Current tax laws are applied to practical problems and cases. Covers employment income, business and property income, and computation of tax for individuals.


Completion of at least 10.0 full credits including MGAB01H3)/( MGTB05H3) and MGAB02H3/( MGTB06H3 and MGAB03H3/( MGTB03H3).


( MGTC16H3), MGT423H, RSM324H

Recommended Preparation: 

MGAC01H3/( MGTC07H3) is highly recommended.

Enrolment Limits: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Social & Behavioural Sciences