PSYC19H3 Psychology of Self Control

A detailed examination of how organisms exercise control, bringing thoughts, emotions and behaviours into line with preferred standards. Topics include executive function, the neural bases for self control, individual differences in control, goal setting and goal pursuit, motivation, the interplay of emotion and control, controversies surrounding fatigue and control, and decision-making.


PSYB10H3 and [(PSYB01H3) or (PSYB04H3) or PSYB70H3] and [PSYB07H3 or STAB22H3 or STAB23H3]

Enrolment Limits: 
Breadth Requirements: 
Social & Behavioural Sciences

Priority will be given to students in the Specialist, Specialist Co-op and Major programs in Psychology and Mental Health Studies. Students in the Minor program in Psychology will be admitted as space permits.