PSYC33H3 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

An examination of the therapeutic methods used to improve the capacity of a brain damaged individual to process and use incoming information, enhancing functioning in everyday life. Students will be introduced to methods that aim to restore cognitive function by compensatory techniques. Neuropsychological rehabilitation problems caused by deficits in attention, visual processing, language, memory, reasoning/problem solving, and executive functioning will be stressed. Lectures and demonstrations. Students in the Specialist (Co-operative) Program in Mental Health Studies will have priority for entry to the course.


PSYB57H3 and [PSYC31H3 or (PSYC32H3) or PSYC73H3]

Breadth Requirements: 
Natural Sciences

Restricted to students enrolled in the Specialist/Specialist Co-op programs in Mental Health Studies. Students enrolled in the Major program in Mental Health Studies will be admitted if space permits.