ACTB40H3: Fundamentals of Investment and Credit

This course is concerned with the concept of financial interest. Topics covered include: interest, discount and present values, as applied to determine prices and values of annuities, mortgages, bonds, equities, loan repayment schedules and consumer finance payments in general, yield rates on investments given the costs on investments.

ACT240H, MGFB10H3/(MGTB09H3), (MGTC03H3)
Quantitative Reasoning
Students enrolled in or planning to enrol in any of the B.B.A. programs are strongly urged not to take ACTB40H3 because ACTB40H3 is an exclusion for MGFB10H3/(MGTB09H3)/(MGTC03H3), a required course in the B.B.A. degree. Students in any of the B.B.A programs will thus be forced to complete MGFB10H3/(MGTB09H3)/(MGTC03H3), even if they have credit for ACTB40H3, but will only be permitted to count one of ACTB40H3 and MGFB10H3/(MGTB09H3)/(MGTC03H3) towards the 20 credits required to graduate.