ANTB80H3: Introduction to Archaeology: Methods, Theories, and Practices

This course introduces students to the methods, theories, and practices used in Archaeology. Building on the course material presented in ANTA01H3, there will be a focus on important themes in Archaeology as a subfield of Anthropology, including: artefact analysis, dating methods, theories of the origins of social development/complexity, and careers in archaeology today. This course will include lectures and complimentary readings that will expose students to the important ideas within the field. There will also be an experiential component in the form of four hands-on workshops where students will get to interact with artefacts and gain experience using some of the methods discussed in class. There will be an extra workshop for students to get help with their essay outline.

ANT200Y1, ANT200Y5, ANT200H5
Natural Sciences
University-Based Experience