BIOC90H3: Integrative Multimedia Documentary Project

In this course, students will produce engaging, documentary-style multimedia narratives that relay scientific evidence on a topic of interest to a lay audience. In order to create their documentaries, students will distill research findings reported in the primary literature and integrate knowledge from multiple fields of biology.


1. Students in all Specialists/Specialist Co-op and Major programs in Biological Sciences are required to complete BIOC90H3 prior to graduation. In order to enroll in BIOC90H3, students must be enrolled in at least one of the following corequisite courses listed.

2. No specific grade will be assigned to BIOC90H3 on transcripts; instead, the grade assigned to work in BIOC90H3 will constitute 10% of the final grade in one of the corequisite courses that the students are concurrently enrolled in.

3. Students must receive a grade of 50% or higher for work in BIOC90H3 in order to fulfill this graduation requirement.

BIOB90H3. Restricted to students in the Specialist/Specialist Co-op programs and Major Programs in Biological Sciences.
Concurrently enrolled in at least one of the following: BIOC12H3, BIOC14H3, BIOC20H3, BIOC32H3, BIOC34H3, BIOC39H3, BIOC40H3, BIOC54H3, or BIOC61H3.
Natural Sciences