CHMA12H3: Advanced General Chemistry

This course will build on the topics from CHMA10H3, including a close examination of solutions, dynamic chemical equilibrium, acid/base and solubility equilibria and thermochemistry, including calorimetry and thermodynamics, kinetics and electrochemistry as they relate to Gibbs Free Energy. In this course, students will explore these ideas in more detail both from a theoretical and practical point of view, in comparison to CHMA11H3. The lecture portion will focus on how chemical concepts are applied in cutting edge research. The weekly laboratory period will provide students with access to the most current equipment used in both industrial and research settings as well as workshops that will explore how to analyze and extract data from published, peer-reviewed journal articles.

CHMA10H3 with a grade of 70% or higher and [MATA29H3 or MATA30H3]
CHMA11H3, CHM151Y1, CHM135H1, CHM110H5