CHMB23H3: Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics: Theory and Practice

This course explores the concepts of chemical potential, phase equilibria, solutions, chemical equilibria (including electrochemical applications), elementary reactions, multi-step and coupled reactions (with biochemical applications), elementary collision theory and transition state theory.

CHMB20H3, CHM220H1, CHM222H1, CHM225Y1, JCP221H5
Restricted to students in the following programs: Specialist in Biological Chemistry, Specialist in Chemistry, Major in Biochemistry, Major in Chemistry
Natural Sciences
1. Lectures are shared with CHMB20H3. 2. Students interested in taking C-level Physical Chemistry courses should take PHYA10H3 instead of PHYA11H3. Some C-level Physical Chemistry courses have PHYA21H3 and MATB41H3 as prerequisites, and PHYA21H3 requires PHYA10H3 as a prerequisite.