CHMD90Y3: Directed Research

You can find the names and contact information for the current course coordinators by visiting the Chemistry website.

This course involves participation in an original research project under the direction of a faculty supervisor. Approximately 260 hours of work are expected in CHMD90Y3. The topic will be selected in conference with the course coordinator who will provide project descriptions from potential faculty supervisors. Progress will be monitored during periodic consultations with the faculty supervisor as well as the submission of written reports. The final results of the project will be presented in a written thesis as well as an oral and/or poster presentation at the end of the term.
Please see the note below on registration in CHMD90Y3.

Permission of the course coordinator.
University-Based Experience
Students must apply to the course coordinator for admission into this course. Applications must be received by the end of August for enrolment in the fall/spring semester; for enrolment in the summer semester, applications must be received by the end of April.
Applications will consist of:
1) A letter of intent indicating the student's wish to enrol in CHMD90Y3;
2) A list of relevant courses successfully completed as well as any relevant courses to be taken during the current session;
3) Submission of the preferred project form indicating the top four projects of interest to the student. This form is available from the course coordinator, along with the project descriptions. Generally, only students meeting the requirements below will be admitted to CHMD90Y3:
1) A Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5. Students who do not meet this requirement should consider enrolling in CHMD92H3 instead;
2) Completion of at least 15.0 credits;
3) Completion of at least 1.0 credits of C-level chemistry or biochemistry courses containing a lab component (i.e. CHMC16H3, CHMC31Y3, CHMC42H3, CHMC47H3, BIOC23H3). Once the course coordinator (or designate)* has approved enrolment to CHMD90Y3, they will sign the course enrolment form for submission to the registrar.
*Note that the course coordinator (or designate) is the only one permitted to give "permission of instructor" on this form.