CITD12H3: Planning and Building Public Spaces in Toronto

This course is designed to develop career-related skills such as policy-oriented research analysis, report writing, and presentation and networking skills through experiential learning approaches. The policy focus each year will be on a major current Toronto planning policy issue, from ‘Complete Streets’ to improvements to parks and public space infrastructure, to public transit-related investments. Students work closely in the course with planners and policymakers from the City of Toronto, policy advocates, and community organizers.

15.0 credits, including completion of the following requirements of the Major/Major Co-op programs in City Studies: (1) Introduction to Social Science Thought, (2) Core Courses, and (3) Methods
CITD10H3 (if taken in the 2018 Fall Session and 2020 Winter session)
Social and Behavioural Sciences
Partnership-Based Experience