CLAC05H3: Beyond Cleopatra: Decolonial Approaches to Ancient Egypt

This course focuses on the History of ancient Egypt, with a focus on the Hellenistic to early Arab periods (4th c. BCE to 7th c. CE). Lectures will emphasize the key role played by Egypt’s diverse environments in the shaping of its socio-cultural and economic features as well as in the policies adopted by ruling authorities. Elements of continuity and change will be emphasized and a variety of primary sources and sites will be discussed. Special attention will also be dedicated to the role played by imperialism, Orientalism, and modern identity politics in the emergence and trajectory of the fields of Graeco-Roman Egyptian history, archaeology, and papyrology.
Same as (IEEC52H3), HISC10H3.

2.0 credits in CLA or HIS courses, including 1.0 credit from the following: CLAA04H3/HISA07H3 or CLAB05H3/HISB10H3 or CLAB06H3/HISB11H3
History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies