COPB10Y3: Advancing Your Career Exploration

This preparatory course helps students navigate the challenges ahead in the world of Co-op and business. This course is highly interactive and practical, and is completed before students start seeking their Co-op work term opportunity. Management experienced Coordinators and expert guests instruct students on how to succeed in their work terms.

This course is a compulsory requirement for all Management Co-op programs. Students must pass this course before proceeding to seek for a work term opportunity, therefore, this course may be repeated.

Restricted to students in the Management Co-op programs.
[COPB11H3 and COPB12H3]; [COPB13H3 and COPB14H3]; (COPD07Y3); (COPD08Y3)
Partnership-Based Experience
1. If you are enrolled in this course, you would not be required to complete: [COPB11H3 and COPB12H3] or [COPB13H3 and COPB14H3]. 2. UTSC internal applicants are accepted into the Management Co-op in early May.