COPB50H3: Foundations for Success in Arts and Science Co-op

This course provides students in their first-year of Arts and Science Co-op to develop skills and tools to manage and thrive during the job search and in the workplace throughout the semester. In addition, students begin to build their job search tool kit, examine their strengths and areas of development, discover the skills employers are seeking in undergraduate Co-op students and in employees in general, and explore possible pathways to achieving their Co-op work terms and long term academic or career goals. Students will learn and practice strategies to best present their skills, knowledge and experience in foundational job search documents. The concept of interviewing is also introduced.

This course is a compulsory requirement for the Arts and Science Co-op programs. Students need to pass the course before proceeding to seek for a Co-op work term, therefore, this course may be repeated.

Restricted to students in the Arts and Science Co-op programs.
COPB10Y3/(COPD07Y3), COPB36H3; (COPD01H3)
University-Based Experience
Students should plan to complete this course in the first year of study in their selected Arts and Science Co-op program.