COPC20H3 Co-op Work Term for Humanities

While working full time with a Co-op employer, students receive support and guidance from Co-op coordinators, faculty and peers, to share and reflect on their work term experiences. A culminating project is completed to bring together industry and academic knowledge and showcase the work and skill development throughout each Co-op work experience. Students are enrolled into this course once hired for a Co-op work term. Arts and Science Co-op students will complete this course each semester when on work term.

There is a minimum requirement of 2 work terms for the Co-op program. Students will be allowed to repeat this course 3 to 5 times.


COPB52H3/( COPD11H3) and permission from Arts and Science Co-op; restricted to students in Arts and Science Co-op programs.


Students may receive a No Credit (NCR) in previous instance of the course and Credit (CR) while in different work locations.