COPC36H3: Co-op Work Term for Conservation and Biodiversity

Students work full-time at a co-op employer based on the position they are hired into. While working with their employer, students complete the duties of the position, set goals for the term in consultation with their work term supervisor, track and reflect upon these goals and progress and are assessed on performance in the workplace. A work term project and portfolio bring together industry and academic knowledge and showcase students’ work and skill development working full time with a co-op employer. Students receive support and guidance from co-op coordinators, faculty and peers, and share and reflect on their work term experiences.

There is a minimum requirement of 3 work terms for this Co-op program. Students will be allowed to complete this course 2 to 4 times for each work term semester.

Note: Students are enrolled in this course once hired for their second and third or additional co-op work terms.

[Completion of COPB36H3 and COPB51H3 and COPB52H3] or permission from the department.
Professional Work Term