COPC99H3: Integrating Your Work Term Experience Part II

This course is designed to provide students who have completed 2 work terms or more with tools and strategies to effectively integrate their recent work term experiences into their job search documents as well as practice articulating their new or enhanced skills and experience in an interview setting. Students are provided with opportunities to practice and refine their approach as they job search/compete for another Co-op work term. In class Apply Together sessions and one-on-one appointment consultations with your Work Term Engagement Coordinator will provide you with semester specific market trends, tools and resources to succeed in your job search. Having the experience of job searching and at least 8 months of work term experience, students share, compare, and contrast their individual experiences. There are also online and in person forums for sharing their work term and job search experience with junior Co-op students.

COPC98H3/(COPD12H3) and completion of at least two work terms; restricted to students in the Arts and Science Co-op programs.
Partnership-Based Experience
Students complete this course each time they are job searching for a work term beyond their second work term.