ENGA02H3: Critical Writing about Literature

This is a writing-focused, workshop-based course that provides training in critical writing about literature at the university level. Throughout the term, students will examine and develop fundamental writing skills (close reading, critical analysis, organization, argumentation, and research). Specifically, this course aims to equip students with the practical tools and confidence to consult different academic writing styles, develop thesis-driven analyses, and produce short thesis-driven papers. The course will also provide overview of library research methods, MLA-style citation guidelines, and strategies for improving the craft of writing itself (grammar and style). While this course focuses on critical writing about fiction, it will also help students develop a set of transferrable skills that may be applied to various academic and professional settings. English A02 is not a language course. All students entering the course are expected to have a basic grasp of the conventions of academic writing.

(ENGB01H3), (ENGB05H3)
Arts, Literature and Language